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It’s a combined love of health, nature and blending ingredients, which inspires and connects Faith & Betty Products. Faith Morton, founder member, first started making natural ointment remedies for her first born18 years ago and has enjoyed this ever since. As a result of this passion, Faith & Betty was established at the beginning in 2012.


With a background in Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine, Faith’s love of mixing and blending natural ingredients, along with a keen sense of smell, is the motivation behind the products.


"I immensely enjoy experimenting and playing around to make something I’m happy with, and bringing that joy to others - whether in workshops or sharing my products  - is my favourite part of all."


Faith lives in Bristol UK, with her children and dog. As well as running Faith & Betty, she’s part of the steering group for Herbalists Without Borders Bristol, a grass roots organization, providing herbal healthcare for people of Bristol to access free of cost, that are fleeing conflict,persuction and intolerable living conditions.

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