This body butter is made with the best Cocoa Butter available in its rawest form. Its gently heated then whipped to create a body butter that starts off hard, and when touches the skin melts and glides on for a silky feeling skin, locking in moisture and protecting. Rich in vitamins E, K and Phytosterols. The body butter can help with dry flaky and sensitive skin and can have a soothing anti- inflammatory effect.It’s great for use in massage. It has a deep chocolate – vanilla aroma with a subtle floral top note.This product is vegan. “The Body Butter always goes down well with my clients, deliciously soft, melting on contact, this butter moisturizes skin beautifully”Sasha, Balanced Beauty.

Vanilla & Rose Geranium Body Butter 45g

  • Scoop a small amount out of the tin. It will feel hard at first and will soften up very quickly to be rubbed into the skin where needed.

    This product will change consistency when reaching a high temperature but will have the same effect when using on the skin.